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Tax Season FAQ's


        Listed below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive during tax season:
Q:  How can I check the status of my income tax refund online?
A:  You can check the status online (this is the recommended method):

Q:  What if I have questions about the status of my income tax refund?
A:  Both the IRS and NY State have a web page dedicated to tax return status FAQ's:

Q:  Can I pay my federal and/or NY State balance due by either a bank account debit or by credit card?
A:  Yes.   Here are the links:

Q:  What if I can't pay my balance due by April 17th?
A:  You should always file your income tax return in a timely fashion to avoid a late-filing penalty.  If you cannot pay
the entire balance due, pay as much as possible with your return to minimize penalties and interest.  (more ...)

Q:  Can I set up an installment payment agreement to pay my balance due over time?
A:  Yes.  Here are the lnks to set up a payment agreement:

Q:  What should I do if I think I'm the victim of Identity Theft?
A:  IRS Publication 5027 outlines the warning signs, and the various steps you should take.

Q:  Do certain home improvements in 2023 still qualify for any tax credits?
A:  YES!  The Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit and
the Clean Vehicle and Energy Credits
                are still available for qualifying purchases in 2023.  Check out for more information.

Q:  Do certain home appliance purchases in 2023 qualify for any tax credits?
A:  There are currently no federal energy-related income tax credits available for purchasing home appliances.
However, from time to time appliance manufacturers offer rebates and incentives for purchasing their products.
Visit the manufacturer's website to see if your purchase qualifies for any of their rebates and/or incentive programs.

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